About Us

What We Do

Riverina Family Services is a specialised Training & Parenting Service and NDIS provider in the Riverina.  We provide professional and high-quality community based services to individuals, parents and children experiencing a level of adversity in their life.  We pride ourselves on being customer focused and being able to tailor unique services to meet each individual's circumstance.  We are committed to improving people's lives, building capacity and meeting goals.

The Theory of change

 Source: “Center on the Developing Child at Harvard http://developingchild.harvard.edu/ 

Riverina Family Services (RFS) is committed  to breaking the cycle of poverty & disadvantage.  There are 3 key areas for this to happen:

* Our efforts have to be integrated with the efforts of others to achieve real impact.

* We believe that to achieve change we need to focus on building the strength & capability of parents and caregivers in order to better meet the developmental needs of children and young people.

*  To keep children safe we need to help create nurturing relationships and environments in families and communities. 

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The mission of Riverina Family Services is to ensure people receive quality, tailored  service and support which enables clients to build capacity and improve the overall well being of their life.  

Our Vision

Our Vision at Riverina Family Services is to be recognised by the community as a leading Child, Family and Disability Service in the Riverina.


  • Ensure all children feel safe and secure relationships with their caregiver.
  • To work authentically with people, with honesty, integrity and professionalism always.
  • Provide reliable and flexible service for our customers and deliver results.